Black frame, Blue mirror polarised lens, Blue foam

Specifically designed for the active lifestyle, Bomber Eyewear provides a comfortable and snug fit. What’s more, because our shades are made with patented foam linings, they are guaranteed to float, which allows you to focus on your passion. Benefits include:


For hydro sports, fishing, and any water fun


For longer wear with no chafing or irritation


Prevents blowing off when turning your head on a boat, bike, jet ski or motorcycle

From football helmets to NASA, it is no secret that foam, safety, and comfort belong together. Founded in 1997, by World Champion Jet Ski Racer, Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci, Bomber Eyewear revolutionized the eyewear industry through its patented foam lining technology. The sheer frustration of having his eyewear bounce around, slip off, or disappear into the watery depths led Tommy to develop an eyewear line with the ultimate thrasher in mind. Drawing inspiration from his own extreme and active lifestyle, Tommy patented a technique that ensures a comfortable, safe, and snug fit. This patented foam guarantees that your shades will float – perfect for any water junkie. Now, the Bomber Eyewear brand has transformed the utility and sporting eyewear industry and has become the stylish, durable, and affordable choice to live, work, and play in.

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